How To Measure Your Wrist

Follow these simple steps in measuring your wrist for a perfect fitting bracelet.

STEP 1:  Measure Your Wrist


You can either use a soft tape measure or a long string and a retractable tape measure.

  • Place the tape or string around your wrist just ABOVE the wrist bone. This is where you will wear the bracelet.  Not too loose and definitely not too tight.
  • Hold your forefinger against the tape measure or string where it comes around to meet the end. Check the measurement of the tape and write it down in inches.
  • If you’re using a string, place a mark on it, then lay it out flat alongside the measuring tape and write down the inches.
  • Follow the general rule – “measure twice, cut once.”  Or in this instance, I make the bracelet once. 

STEP 2: Select the Inches in the Drop Down Box

  • Sized bracelets have a drop down box on the listing.  Select your wrist measurement in this box.
  • If you need assistance with selecting the size, please contact me at 262-949-1330.