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New Wrap Bracelets and Hatbands

I have just added some really great new Leather Wrap Bracelets for both guys and gals.  There are also some new and very colorful hatbands.  You can shop for hatbands by selecting "Collections" and then select "Eclectic Southwest".  Everything is listed in alphabetical order by it's name.  You can now have a new hat everyday just by changing out your hatband!

Southwest Wrap Bracelets

Feather Wrap Bracelets

Georgia Hatband

Monty Hatband

Maria Hatband






Purchasing Information

If you see an item but it isn't on my website, please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 262-949-1330.

Visit my blog to learn more about my hat collection and how to purchase a hat.

Laura Ingalls Designs jewelry, hats and hatbands are also available in beautiful boutiques across the country.

Make sure to connect with me on Facebook , Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter - Laura Ingalls Designs

I have a passion for creating great jewelry that is eye catching and unique.  These pieces truly become one with their new owner.  Created for men and women.

Lola Jr

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