You will find at Laura Ingalls Designs quality stones and materials that go into the finished creations that make them truly unique and collectible.  This section provides descriptions about the materials and how to care for them.  

  • How to wear

    HOW TO WEAR – Many of my pieces are intended to be worn in layers for the truly personal touch.  Try mixing a turquoise and sterling necklace with a turquoise & saddle brown braided leather necklace and a boulder opal pendant.  The look is stunning, fresh and truly unique.  Or combine one of the sparkly Swarovski crystal necklaces with a Tahiti orange & black braided leather necklace.  Don’t forget to layer the bracelets in leather, silver, crystals, pearls and stones.  Have fun, be confident and express yourself!

  • Materials and Caring For Your Jewelry

    BALI BEADS - Bali is a tiny tropical island amidst the vast Indonesian archipelago. My Bali beads come from a highly reputable supplier who operates a “closed shop.” In other words, they closely monitor production, pay a fair wage, and ensure that women are paid equally with their male counterparts. Balinese beads are made of .925 sterling silver. Descriptions in my creations will indicate Bali Bead or “Bali-like Bead.” The Bali-like beads are .925 sterling silver and are often made in Thailand or India. Use a jeweler’s polishing cloth to clean and store in a plastic bag.

    BLACK SPINEL – This attractive, rare stone has a high refractive index that ensures excellent brilliance. Black spinel is an economic alternative to black diamonds. These are “fair trade” gemstones.

    BOULDER OPAL – Is found in the state of Queensland, Australia where precious opal forms in veins and patches within brown ironstone boulders. Opal was formed when rain dissolved some of the silica in the earth’s surface and the silica-laden water filled up cavities in ironstone boulders. Boulder Opal is very durable due to the ironstone backing on which the opal forms. No two pendants are the same and range in color from red, brown, black, green, blue and white. These are hand-selected based on the shapes and colors that I believe will be an interesting conversation starter.

    FRESHWATER PEARLS - Are formed in mussels found in lakes, rivers, ponds, and other bodies of fresh water. Most farmers use mantle tissue to cultivate the pearl; hence freshwater pearls are mostly made up of nacre. Due to this, freshwater pearls are more durable over the course of wear. Use a soft cloth to clean.

    LEATHER CORD – My leather supplier uses only the finest in Braided Leather Bolo Cord. Unlike other braided cord that is bumpy and uneven, their cord is perfect in both weave and consistency. In addition they offer a wide selection of colors that can be customized in any color combination. You’ll notice that I have 2 unique braided leather color combinations in my collections – Turquoise & Saddle Brown and Tahiti Orange & Black. Although these necklaces and bracelets are tempting to wear all the time, I cannot guarantee their endurance when they are continuously exposed to water.

    STERLING SILVER – Is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of copper to give it strength. Although I am not a silversmith, I have selected a number of silver pieces for my designs that are made right here in the USA. In addition, there are a number of Bali Beads in the collections. See Bali Beads. Use a jeweler’s polishing cloth to clean and store in a plastic bag.

    SWAROVKSI CRYSTALS - Swarovski crystal beads are considered the finest crystal beads in the world. They are machine cut and polished to the highest standards of quality and manufactured in Austria. Swarovski offers a wide selection of colors and shapes. I choose to use Swarovski crystals in my designs because of their excellent reputation and for the incredible sparkle in the beads.

    TURQUOISE - Throughout history, turquoise has been regarded as a protective talisman and revered for its healing properties. The word turquoise was derived around the 16th century from the French language turquie, for Central Asian material which was early imported through Turkey. Turquoise is often “stabilized” due to its inherent fragility and sensitivity to solvents. Perfume and other cosmetics will attack the finish and may alter the color of turquoise, as will skin oils, and most commercial jewelry cleaning fluids. Turquoise should be gently cleaned with a soft cloth to avoid a buildup of residue. The turquoise that is used in my designs comes from a number of places including the Southwest, United States and China.

    HOW TO WEAR – Many of my pieces are intended to be worn in layers for the truly personal touch. Try mixing a turquoise and sterling necklace with a turquoise & saddle brown braided leather necklace and a boulder opal pendant. The look is stunning, fresh and truly unique. Or combine one of the sparkly Swarovski crystal necklaces with a Tahiti orange & black braided leather necklace. Don’t forget to layer the bracelets in leather, silver, crystals, pearls and stones. Have fun, be confident and express yourself!

    IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT CARING FOR YOUR JEWELRY – Your jewelry should be the very last thing that you put on – after the hair spray and perfume and your jewelry should be the first thing you take off. Clean it with a jeweler’s polishing cloth or a soft cloth based upon the material and store in its protective bag. Although tempting, it is not recommended that you expose your jewelry to the shower, bathtub, swimming pool or lake. If you have any other questions about the care of your jewelry please contact sales@lauraingallsdesigns.com.

  • Return Policy

    Return Policy:
    •    Laura Ingalls Designs allows returns provided the jewelry is returned within 10 days of delivery of the item. NOTE:  Custom items made specifically for you are not returnable.
    •    If you received a customized item as a gift, but are not happy with it, you may exchange it for another item or a merchandise credit plus shipping.  Once again custom items CANNOT be returned.
    •    All returned jewelry must be in "as delivered", "new" condition.  The item will be inspected to make sure it is unworn, unused and in its original condition.
    •    Original shipping and handling charges are NOT refundable. Additionally you are required to pay the cost of shipping the jewelry back to Laura Ingalls Designs and insuring the item for the original purchase price through your shipper.
    •    Credit for the item will be returned to you in the form of the original payment and will appear within one billing cycle.
    •    You must inform Laura Ingalls Designs within 24 hours of receipt of your jewelry should it be damaged in any way.
    •    The validity of this return policy is based on your inspection of the jewelry at the moment of delivery. It is best to inspect the item while in the presence of the delivery person for insurance reasons. If the item is damaged, do not accept delivery.

    How To Return An Item:
    •    Please contact Laura at laura@lauraingallsdesigns.com or 262-949-1330 within 4 days of receipt of the item to obtain a return authorization number (RAN). Returned jewelry will not be processed without a RAN.
    •    Include the original receipt the written email containing the RAN and include it with your full Name, Address, Phone Number, and email address and the reason for the return.
    •    Jewelry must be shipped securely packaged, insured for the original purchase price; shipping prepaid and must be received by Laura Ingalls Designs within 6 days of receipt of your RAN.
    •    All returns will be carefully inspected to make certain it is not damaged and that it is in its original condition.
    •    Laura Ingalls Designs recommends shipping via insured UPS, insured FedEx or insured Parcel Post for tracking purposes.
    •    Laura Ingalls Designs does not take any responsibility for reimbursement or compensation in the event that any returned jewelry is lost, stolen, or mishandled in any way. Please note that we will not accept any packages delivered C.O.D.
    •    Upon receipt of your returned jewelry, we will send you an email regarding the status of your return. We will process your return request within two days following receipt of returned jewelry.

    We appreciate your business.


  • Shipping Policy

    Shipping Policy
    All orders for items that are in stock are shipped within 7 business days after we receive your order, unless items are out of stock. We will notify you if your requested item is out of stock and how long the order will take to be shipped. Please provide the recipient's telephone number on all orders. We normally ship USPS or UPS, whichever is more cost effective.

    Ground Shipping: Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.  There is a flat rate shipping fee of $7.00 for orders going to the 48 states.  Please contact us for shipping rates to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

    Overnight Shipping: If you'd like overnight shipping, please place your order before 11 AM (Central time) and we will make every effort to ship in-stock items the same day or the following day for overnight delivery on the next business day. Overnight shipping fees will vary, please contact us for rates. Again, we will notify you if your item is not in stock.

    International Shipping: At this time we do not do international shipping.  However, this could change in the future.
    Thank you and feel free to contact us with any more questions at laura@ lauraingallsdesigns.com.

    If you have specific questions regarding our Shipping Policy, please Contact Us.


  • Repairs

    Repair Policy:
    If you need one of our pieces repaired please contact us for further assistance. There may be a slight charge for repairs so please call us beforehand to discuss the piece in question. Indicate your reason for the return, and package your item safely and securely with insurance. All repairs will be made on a first-received, first-repaired basis and will be returned to you promptly.
    Send items for repair to: Laura Ingalls Designs, N1824 Parkview Circle, Palmyra, WI 53156
    Please make sure to insure your package for your protection. Do not send the package C.O.D., as we do not accept returns shipped C.O.D.

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