I am so excited about these three new one of a kind Boulder Opals.  These are all being made into bracelets.  The one on the left has already been mounted on vintage horse tack leather.

The other two are awaiting to be claimed.  Once you select either the middle one or the one on the right, I will make the bracelet to fit your wrist.  All of these are being offered at a special retail rate of $600 instead of $660.  Definitely not too early to be thinking about holiday gifts.

Contact me directly at 262-949-1330 to purchase one of these one of a kind beauties.

Boulder Opals - Sterling Silver Bezel

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I have some very exciting news to announce!  Many of my earrings, bracelets and necklaces on my website have just experienced a price adjustment because they are now being offered exclusively to you as the direct buyer.

The prices for the Aztec Collection which has been very popular, is a collection that has gone through a price adjustment. These pieces are simple, look stunning by themselves or layered and they are available in: Turquoise, Apple Coral, Black Onyx, Sterling Silver, Mohave Purple Turquoise or Mohave Green Turquoise.  There are a number of design choices to select from.  So have fun putting together your favorite combinations!  Take a look at these pictures for a fantastic combination.

Make sure to browse all of the categories and collections for new price adjustments.  Happy shopping!

Aztec Sterling Silver 2 Tier Earrings

Previous Price:  $46, New Price:  $22

Aztec Turquoise Nugget Bracelet

Previous Price:  $116, New Price:  $70

Aztec Orange Apple Coral Kingman Turquoise Necklace

Previous Price: $194, New Price:  $90

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I am so excited to finally be working with these incredible, beautiful stones!  They are called "Sonoran Sunset."  The formal name of this stone is Chrysocolla Cuprite.  It is also sometimes referred as Sonoran Sunrise.  But it came to be known as Sonoran Sunset from the lovely and colorful sunsets over the Sonoran Desert from which it is found.

The following is an explanation of the colors in the stone. Chrysocolla is the blue, Cuprite is the red and Iron is the black.

  • Chrysocolla is a hydrated copper silicate and is found in the oxidation zone of copper deposits.
  • Cuprite is commonly found as an oxidation product of copper sulfides in the upper zones of veins and is often associated with other copper ores.
  • The black in this material is either Tenorite or iron.


A few years back on my buying trip to Tucson, I saw these magnificent stones and knew I wanted to work with them.  Finding stones of this quality is not easy.  And the good ones are few and far between.

This past year, I found some really excellent Sonoran Sunset stones and made the investment.  At last they are becoming pieces of art.  Most of them will become leather cuffs using the vintage saddle leather and one will become a pendant.  There is a pair of stones that will become earrings.  All of the stones will be set in sterling silver and then will be left as either "shiny" or oxidized and brushed as the one in the picture.  Some of the sterling bezels will be stamped with a design or will have "berries" or the little balls.

If you are interested in reserving a piece, please contact me at 262-949-1330.  I'll work with you to create a unique piece for you.

Sonoran Sunset Leather Cuff

Sonoran Sunset Leather Cuff - View 2

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I have just added some really great new Leather Wrap Bracelets for both guys and gals.  There are also some new and very colorful hatbands.  You can shop for hatbands by selecting "Collections" and then select "Eclectic Southwest".  Everything is listed in alphabetical order by it's name.  You can now have a new hat everyday just by changing out your hatband!

Southwest Wrap Bracelets

Feather Wrap Bracelets

Georgia Hatband

Monty Hatband

Maria Hatband






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